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Welcome to We Fill the Gap

Do you need additional event support from time to time?

We Fill the Gap is an Full-Service Events Agency with reliability, consistency, highly qualified and trained event professionals who can complete your event requirements. We Fill the Gap is an outsourced event management service.

If your company downsizes, staff go on leave, or you don’t have the right resources in-house, how does this impact on how well you create and execute important events?

A new no nonsense approach to helping you successfully run your important functions and events in the absence of having the right internal team, by providing you with a broad range of contract ‘event services’ over a nominated time frame.

We Fill the Gap is a cost effective alternative to using inexperienced or under resourced events people in–house, or having to recruit new people in for short term contracts.

We create memorable events by providing a team of highly experienced event professionals to work for you.

We Fill the Gap!

Covering a range of expertise across all genres of events and conferences including;

  • Product launches, promotions, activations
  • Dinners, VIP visits and large scale events
  • Exhibition & Conference Management
  • Fundraising events, AGM's and special meetings
  • Festivals and Stage Management
  • Internal meetings and workshops

We Fill the Gap!

  • No recruitment companies
  • No guess work in hoping you got the right person
  • No hidden fees
  • No overheads
  • No taxes, superannuation or work cover
  • No hassles, sick days, holiday leave

Our Customer Promise to You;

We guarantee that we will leave your events department in better shape than it was before we arrived. In fact - you may never want us to leave!

Need a Gap Filled?

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