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Festival & outdoor event management, logistics & planning - we do it all.

From New Years celebrations to Food and Wine Festivals we understand the logistics involved with staging and managing an outdoor festival or event.

We have all the processes in place in managing licences, working with councils and sourcing the entire infrastructure required for a successful outdoor event.

Producing and managing outdoor events require another level of logistical organisation. Outdoor events have a greater number of mitigating factors to consider. Dbusiness events not only work with the programming of the event but also put in place contingency plans across all areas of the projects.

An outdoor event is about creating a location from the ground up and bringing together all of the logistics with booking, securing, accessing, building and dismantling the temporary venue.

At dbusiness events we manage all of the processes to ensure the event location is suitable and ready for the event to proceed.

We aim to leave our event locations as we found them.

Deb took on board the role of event manager of a new South Australian Festival with a niche target market - CheeseFest. I quickly realised how professional, organised and capable Deb was and consequently asked her back the following year. However, realising her capabilities first hand we extended her role even further to event liaison. The event has grown by almost triple and Deb will be on board again this year. Deb is not phased by any situation and handles trouble shooting with a level head and a seek the solution attitude.
Kris Lloyd CEO - Cheesefest